Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Easiest Methods For Uncovering Profitable Niche Market

Being able to find a niche market is fairly simple, finding one that is profitable however is much more difficult. That being said, once you understand how to find a profitable niche market the process gets much easier. The problem for the majority of niche marketers is they do not do the proper research at the beginning and wind up wasting weeks and possibly months on a niche that will not produce any revenue. This article will reveal the secrets to identifying those niche markets that will produce a profit after all the time you invest working.

The reason why it can be so challenging for niche marketers to be successful is because there are so many ways to research a niche market. Some popular forums claim searching for the most popular keywords with online tools like WordTracker is your best chance for success. Other people will tell you that walking through the bookstore can yield a abundance of niche ideas. Why both of these and many more do provide you with a large variety of niches, chances are the majority of them will result in you losing money. The bottom line is even if you found a niche people are looking for, it doesn't necessarily mean those people are interested in buying your products online.

Other popular niche gurus will claim that the only way to be a true success with niche marketing is to work in a niche you are passionate about. If passion were the driving force behind all successful marketers than there would be significantly more of them. The sad truth is this is not the answer to the problem. Just because you are passionate about the niche it doesn't mean buyers in that niche like to purchase products online. Here are a couple of ways to uncover starving niches that consistently generate cash for their niche marketers.

eBay has been the go to website for millions of consumers each year looking for deals and bargains online. Niche marketers normally would not consider using this powerhouse in the online world to uncover cash generating niches. The truth is if you want to be successful in niche marketing this is the first place you should be looking. You can instantly discover what the masses are buying in real time. The way to uncover this wealth of information is to go to the eBay home page at, then scroll to the bottom of the page where you see the links. In the left hand corner you will notice a link that reads "See All Categories". When you click on that link you will be presented with a list of each product currently selling on eBay.

Where this information becomes invaluable to you as a marketer is you get to see real time numbers as to how many of each of those products has sold. With thousands of potential categories to scroll through, you can quickly find out if niches you have been considering are now worth the effort or not. If you were to click the "See All Antiques" , you would be presented with an incredible list of hundreds niche markets you could be targeting within one category. Imagine if you were to spend a few hours drilling down into the most popular niches how many hidden gems you could find. Drilling down to a sub niche like Asian Antique Bowls will give you far better results than sticking simply with the Antiques niche. Once you find a few niches you want to pursue, investigate further by going to to see how popular they are.

Similar to how you uncovered hundreds of hidden niche gems at eBay, another popular website that will help you discover even more niche gold is Once you are on their homepage you look for the link that reads "Browse All Interests" and click it. From there you will discover a list of hundreds of popular groups that registered users have signed up to be a part of. Those groups are all topics that would make great niche ideas, and the best part is you can instantly see exactly how many people are currently subscribed to that niche or group. You may not have imagined that a thousand people would be interested in discussing scooters, but right now these people are doing just that. will allow you to uncover many popular niches with the click of the mouse.

If you only used these two simple methods for uncovering profitable niche markets, your efforts will show a significantly higher return than had you continued using your old methods for finding niches to target. Once you have a few niches you can build a new business around, begin looking for products these consumers will be falling over each other to buy.

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